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The food and drugs Authority (FDA) wishes to bring to the attention of all manufactures and importers of allopathic medical products that hence forth it is directed that all dossiers and supporting documentation for both registration and re-registration and variations of finished pharmaceutical products are submitted in one hard and one soft copy(on CD-ROM)


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The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) formerly the Food and Drugs Board (FDB) was established in August 1997. It is the National Regulatory Authority mandated by the public Health Act,2012(Act 851) to regulate food, drugs, food supplements, herbal and homeopathic medicines, veterinary medicines, cosmetics, medical devices, household chemical substances, tobacco and tobacco products.

The FDA Ghana's legal mandate is found in part 6 (Tobacco Control Measures), part 7 (Food and Drugs), and part 8 (Clinical trials) of the Public Health Act, Act 851 of 2012. The FDA is an Agency under the Ministry of Health with an eleven member Governing Board inclusive of the Chief Executive Officer who is responsible for the day to day administration of the FDA

The object of the Authority is to provide and enforce standards for the sale of food, herbal medicinal products, cosmetics, drugs, medical devices and household chemical substances.

Functions of the Authority

To achieve its object, the Authority shall

a) Ensure adequate and effective standards for food,drugs, cosmetics, household chemicals and medical devices;
b) Monitor through the District Assemblies and any other agency of State compliance with the provisions of this Part;
c) Advise the Minister on measures for the protection of the health of consumers;
d) Advise the Minister on the preparation of effective Regulations for the implementation of this Part;
e) Approve the initiation and conduct of clinical trials in the country; and
f) Perform any other functions that are ancillary to attaining the objects of the Authority.

  • Bureau of National Investigations
  • Ghana Police Service
  • Customs Excise and Preventive Service
  • Pharmacy Council
  • Ghana Standards Authority
  • Veterinary Services Directorate
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Narcotics Control Board
  • Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research
  • Centre for Scientifc Research into Plant Medicine
  • Plant Research & Regulatory Serv. Dept
  • Food Research Institute
  • KNUST & UG (Food Science Dept)
  • MLGRD (Environmental Health Department)
  • Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition(GAIN)
  • World Health Organization
  • Food and Agriculture Organization
  • United States Pharmacopoea Commission
  • International Narcotics Control Board (INCB)
  • Campden BRI
  • International Food Safety Authority Network
  • United States Food and Drugs Administration
  • Codex Alimentarius Commission
  • United States Department of Agriculture(USDA)

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